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Committed to teaching children through music, art, and dramatic play.

The Joshua Tree is a privately owned preschool, committed to teaching children through music, art, and dramatic play. Our enriching arts curriculum encourages children to create, perform, and respond to the arts, and helps them to reason and understand the world around them.  Art-based learning also develops self discipline, creativity, and confidence that will help children to succeed in school and life.

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Finding A Place Where Your Child Can Thrive

Finding that special place where your child can feel nurtured and where you can have peace of mind is important. The Joshua Tree realizes the value of quality care and we strive to provide opportunities for your child’s growth and development. We want you to feel confident, knowing that your child is well cared for and happy. At TJT we have a true and sincere passion for the care and development of children and we aim to live out this passion through each classroom and activity.

There are so many reasons to choose The Joshua Tree. We provide a beautiful learning environment, a strong educational emphasis, and literacy-rich activities. Our excellent teachers focus on your child’s social and emotional development in a small class size with low teacher to child ratios. Our direct focus are family-centered practices that include you in the development and education of your child.

Arts & Early Childhood

The Joshua Tree introduces children to the arts, music, dramatic play and encourages interest and participation. Arts related experiences are very important in early childhood. Arts remove boundaries and allow children to learn math, reading, science and other traditional disciplines in a less traditional manner. Arts experiences develop the self-discipline, creativity and confidence that will help children to succeed in school, work and life. Research has shown that early experiences in the arts can have positive impacts in other areas, such as reading, writing and math. Enriching arts curriculum allows children to create, perform and respond in the arts and helps them to reason and understand the world around them. In fact, study after study shows that students who are engaged in the arts earn better grades, score higher on exams, perform more community service and watch less television.
The term “arts” includes music, dance, drama and visual arts. Traditionally, visual arts have received the most focus in education. TJT believes that exposure to all four art disciplines will best benefit children and their learning. Dance, music, performing and visual arts can all help develop a child’s cognitive, motor, language and social-emotional skills.


Literacy skills and an interest in books and reading are essential elements for school readiness. The Joshua Tree has developed a literacy program that includes development in the six areas of early literacy- visual discrimination, auditory, oral language, writing, phonemic awareness, and reading.The Joshua Tree, offers:

  • Literacy-rich classrooms with materials that promote reading
  • Cozy areas that encourage children to curl up with a book

Family Partnerships

The Joshua Tree supports and promotes families as the first and best teachers of children.
We are committed to:

  • Developing positive and productive partnerships with families
  • Sharing information about children and working together effectively on behalf of children
  • Encouraging parent volunteer programs through storytelling, demonstrations, etc.

Promoting Health

It’s well known that children learn best when they receive good health care, nutrition and plenty of sleep.  This means visiting your doctor regularly for visits, getting plenty of sleep, and eating well in order to maximize their learning activities.  Here are some tips to help your child grow up healthy.

Health care

We all want children to grow up healthy and strong, but illnesses are inevitable along the way. Here are several things you can do to promote a child’s good health:

  • When to visit a pediatrician: Check up or just check in
  • Understanding Children: How do I recognize my child’s illness?
  • Caring for a young child: KidBasics
  • Ages & Stages


We provide unlimited water and encourage children to drink throughout the day, especially on hot days to stay hydrated. Families can provide sippy cups for our younger children. Children are provided with a mid-morning snack each day at 9:30am.  A second snack will be provided for children enrolled in our Extended Day Program.  Children must bring in a lunch from home.  Soda and sweets are notpermitted in the school lunch boxes.   


Healthy sleep provides brainpower and fuels a child’s growth and development.  It enables the mind to stay alert, increasing a child’s ability to learn, concentrate and adapt to new situations.  There are times during the day and night when a child’s brain will become less alert. These are the best times for a child to be soothed to sleep. All of the children will have the opportunity to nap.  Older children who no longer take an afternoon nap, will have a quiet, restorative, rest period.  Please speak to your teacher to discuss your child’s individual sleep habits.


The Joshua Tree’s teachers use individual child assessments, along with their observations and family daily reports, to help them better know the children in their classes. This information is used to help children build educational and social skills through focused lesson plans and one-on-one interactions.  Some of the attributes assessed include: fine and gross motor skills, language and literacy development, cognitive, and social-emotional.

Your continued support of The Joshua Tree, makes these great things possible. Please continue to share news of our positive experiences at The Joshua Tree with your friends.

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The Joshua Tree Learning Academy

The Joshua Tree Learning Academy
6 A.M. – 6 P.M., Monday – Friday (extended hours upon request)
401 Chester Pike

The Joshua Tree Learning Experience

7:30 A.M – 6 P.M., Monday – Friday
766 s. 9th Street

The Joshua Tree Early Learning Center

The Joshua Tree Early Learning Center
7 A.M. – 6 P.M., Monday – Friday
910 N. 6th Street
Northern Liberties

Monday through Friday hours:
Before Care 7:30 AM-8:30 AM
School Day 8:30 AM-3 PM
After Care 3 PM-6 PM
Private pay and CCIS accepted.

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